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Price: $12,400 USD
Deposit: 50% trip cost
POA for children under the age of 12
Meeting Point: Quito, Ecuador
Length of trip: 11 nights, 12 days
Group size: minimum 8, Maximum 12
What is included in the price of the trip?

  • Inland transfers to and from arrival airport
  • Lodging. Tour cost is per person, based on double occupancy. We do have limited availability for single occupancy, with a supplemental fee
  • One hour massage at volcanic spa
  • All meals
  • School and medical materials for villages
  • All scheduled entertainment

What is NOT included in the price of the trip?

  • Airfare to and from Quito
  • Fees for shamanic ceremonies $50 (The shaman likes to be paid personally and they are optional)
  • Additional treatments in the spa after the included one hour massage
  • Beverages and incidentals other than meals and snacks provided

Amazon Adventure
December 28th to January 8th

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During the last few years many of us have asked ourselves questions about our work/life balance, our service, our place in the world, what is truly important and meaningful to us, and decided that we wanted to shift our energy to be more in alignment with our values and beliefs. And a great way to start the new year with a new vision for the future.

This magical 11 night, 12 day journey into the heart and soul of the Ecuadorian Amazon is for those who have felt the call of the wild, who want to further explore their connection to nature, to the Earth and themselves; to heal and to learn from the forest, the mountains, the rivers, and from the indigenous wisdom keeper custodians of these lands, who generously share their deep knowledge and connection to the earth with us. We really feel that the jungle calls to us at exactly the right time, so if you are hearing the call, come!

Our time together will be healing, transformational and soul nourishing but also a large dose of fun with a touch of adventure!

From the heights of the Andes Mountains to the species-rich jungle floors of the Amazon Basin, discover Ecuador's natural treasures, swim in its waterways, hike with indigenous guides, canoe down mystical rivers deep in the Amazon, take part in ceremonies with indigenous shaman, experience tribal culture, worldview and hospitality. Enjoy traditional cuisine, and relax and recuperate in a volcanic thermal spa in the shadow of Ecuador's magnificent volcanoes.

Throughout the trip we will integrate our shifting perspectives and deepen our transformation with at least six Breathwork sessions with renowned Breathwork evangelist and visionary Richie Bostock (AKA The Breath Guy)

You will hardly believe that this trip is only 11 nights long - it will feel like a month! Due to Ecuador's small size and its diversity (it contains all the ecosystems of South America except the Argentine Pampas) we are able to have a number of experiences in a short space of time, without feeling rushed.

For those who have more time we have a couple of possible additions to your trip -for example Galapagos islands. Please contact us if you are interested and we can help you plan travels before or after your jungle experience!

Your guides Zoë Tryon and Richie Bostock


Day One: Saturday 28th December
Arrive Quito, Ecuador - flights from Europe and the US usually arrive in the afternoon or evening, you will be collected from the airport and taken to your hotel - the delightful Cultura Manor. Before dinner we will meet in the drawing room for our first breathwork session, then we will have dinner together at the hotel.

(many people choose to arrive a night or two early to explore Quito or get over jet lag before the trip proper starts – if you would like to do this let us know and we can offer some suggestions – we will also create a whatsapp group so you can connect with other people arriving early and plan things together)

Day Two: Sunday 29th December
We drive in our comfortable bus down from Quito through the famous Valley of the Volcanos, from the Andes down to the gateway to the Amazon Basin. Stopping for the first shamanic ceremony of our journey with the Salasaca people and shaman Mama Julia, to ground us and connect us with the spirits of the land. After a delicious home grown Salasacan lunch we continue on our way.

Dropping down through the cloud forest into the edge of the Amazon basin, spending the night in a gorgeous little hotel nestled in gardens on the edge of the forest, we will be joined for dinner by Amazonian indigenous leaders who will share with us how they are battling to protect the forest and their visions for the future.

Days three, four and five – Monday 30th, Tuesday 31st December and Wednesday 1st January
NYE in the jungle

After breakfast, a short drive to the airstrip and we fly by 6 seater Cessna or larger Islander planes into the forest. The experience of flying over the forest is truly magical, watching as built-up areas fall away until you see just a blanket of treetops beneath you as far as the eye can see, snake like glistening rivers wind their way through the jungle. As we fly deeper into the mighty Amazon rainforest, the calmer you will feel – we travel deep into the forest many miles from the nearest road into the heart of Achaur ancestral territory.

The Achuar people live along both sides of the border between Ecuador and Peru, a warrior nation who have never been conquered, they call themselves a 'dream culture' in that they are guided by dreams and visions. One of the last Jivaroan groups to be contacted. The Achuar have created a couple of tourism projects in their territory to connect with outsiders to teach us about their culture and worldview, to share with us and 're-awaken' those living in the modern world. We will stay in the village of Sharamentsa for three nights.

Our days begin before dawn sharing a traditional dream ceremony with Achuar elders, this is a beautiful liminal space between day and night where we learn about the guidance of our dreams. The day will be spent learning about the forest and walking with indigenous leaders as their share their way of life with us. There is always time for rest, journaling and swimming in the river. We will have a deep sleeps surrounded by the sounds of the forest and the gentle lapping of the river.

One evening we will meet with our hosts and take part in a cultural exchange, the Achuar have formal ceremonial greetings which they will show us, this is also an opportunity to teach their children, so all the village will gather to watch. They will share songs and dances, music and then invite us to do the same – so if there is anything you would like to share – a fun game or a song this is your opportunity! From beat boxing to miming they love it all!

There will be hikes in the forest, visits to sacred trees and waterfalls, swims on beaches in the rivers, our Achuar family sharing their insights, wisdom and lands with us.

Day six and seven – Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd January
Wayusentsa community – Achuar Territory

After a delicious breakfast over looking the river. We can see and even buy some stunning traditional handicrafts made by our Achuar family, from feather earrings, to woven combs, ceramics - everything comes from the jungle (remember to bring lots of small change in USD – 1, 5, and 10 dollars). These are very special mementos and gifts from our time in the forest but also the best way to support the Achuar women (we have found that people love the handicrafts so perhaps bring $200 to spend just in case as there are no ATM's in the forest!). After our goodbyes we will leap into the first solar powered canoes in the Amazon and journey down the mighty Pastaza river which is a great opportunity to see rainforest birds and river dolphins on our way to our new home – Wayusentsa community Here we will bath in waterfall by our camp, and get to know a new Achaur family. On our second day we will have the opportunity to take part in very special Amazonian ceremony with renowned shaman Taish. Firstly he will take us along the 'path of the jaguar' to the sacred hummingbird waterfall, where we will do a tobacco ceremony to connect us with Arutam the spirit of the forest and then back to the community for a powerful 'natem' ceremony in the evening. Firstly he will take us along the 'path of the jaguar' to the sacred hummingbird waterfall, where we will do a tobacco ceremony to connect us with Arutam the spirit of the forest and then back to the community for a powerful 'natem' ceremony in the evening.

In the afternoon those who wish to can learn to do the traditional mens basket weaving and womens headband weaving, and pot making. A very special time to connect with our hosts and attempt to learn some of their incredible skills!

Day eight and nine, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th January – Kapawi Ecolodge
After breakfast, final bathe in the waterfall and saying goodbye to our friends we will take a short canoe downstream to Kapawi Ecolodge - . The lodge which is 100% owned by the Achuar nation, with all revenue generated supporting the wider community, preserving their culture and protecting the Amazon rainforest.

The indigenous people of the Amazon believe that human sickness and the degradation of our earth are inextricably linked, sharing the same root causes. By visiting the Achuar people we are joining them in protecting the pristine rainforest essential to the vitality of our planet on the frontlines against climate change.

During our time at Kapawi there will be many fun activities to take part in but over these days we also want to give you time to rest and listen to the forest in your hammocks over looking the lagoon, watching monkeys and magnificent birds. There will be a chance to spend time in the jungle alone on a self guided trail if you wish. So all adventures are optional.

We explore the rivers and secluded streams by canoe and kayak, learning about the wonders of the natural world from our Achuar guides. Early morning bird watching by canoe, and night hikes are truly magical.

As people indigenous to this land and born naturalists, our guides have a sixth-sense for the whereabouts of animals, birds & insects at all times. They will scour the forest for wildlife encounters for us, like a newly discovered giant otter den, a sloths tree, or a horned screamers nest, or possibly a harpy eagle siting! During our time in the forest we learn from the wisdom of the forest herself and her custodians - the Achuar people. They believe that these journeys into nature bring clarity and confidence in your vision and focus for your life. The Achuar will teach us how to see the forest as a pharmacy and place of healing.

Day ten and eleven – Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th January - Papallacta volcanic hot springs
Sadly it is time to leave our forest home this morning, after an early breakfast we will take our final canoe journey up the Capahuari river to the village of kasutkau where we will fly out of the forest to Tena and travel up into the mountains to stay at a volcanic spa – Papallacta – it's time to bathe in the geothermally heated hot pools and each of you has a massage already booked for your arrival.

Day Twelve: Wednesday 8th January
Our final day together. After a delicious breakfast you are welcome to book more treatments, or relax in the hot pools, for those Wim Hof fans you can leap into icy water and into hot water again. This landscape is high Andes and volcano land, utterly stunning for a wander into the mystical polylepis forests. We will have a final integrative breathwork session and then return to Quito airport 45 mins away for flights home - usually in the afternoon or evening – or stay on to visit Galapagos or the Andes haciendas and highlands.

If you would like more information, or to apply to join this trip please contact us using the form below, we would also be delighted to arrange a call with you to answer any questions, and for us to find our whether you are the right fit for this trip.

Once you are accepted on the journey please pay 50% of the price of the trip within five days to secure your place.

Due to limited places on the trip (maximum 12) this very special and intimate journey will sell out swiftly. So looking forward to connecting with you!

So sorry if you have tried to contact us before and we haven’t responded. There has been an issue with the website which we are fixing in the meantime please contact us at: