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Dear Zoe,

Just a quick note to say that our trip with you to the Ecuadorean Andes and Jungle was totally sublime. Every detail of the organisation was so thoughtful, considerate and tailor made to our needs – quite a challenge as we were a group of eight people ranging in age from 9-60.

For my family it was a truly transformational journey. It connected us to nature in a very deep way and it was such an honour to live with and share the indigenous wisdom and traditions of the Achuar and Kichwa people. My teenage sons have been greatly affected in a positive way and have already integrated what they have learnt into their daily lives and their future study plans at university.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will recommend to any person wishing to connect with these people in an authentic meaningful way, that you are the only person who should take them.

With love and gratitude,

Jo Sawicki, Paul Cayford and sons Daniel and Jesse.- London, UK

About Us

Zoë Tryon

A roving ambassador for indigenous rights and the Amazon Rainforest, Zoë Tryon is an activist, writer, speaker, guide, photographer and Founder of One of the Tribe, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting tribal lands and culture in Ecuador. Her passion for the Amazon, its inhabitants and custodians, and her commitment to tribe-driven sustainable development has garnered international acclaim and partnerships with Amazon Watch, Fundacion Pachamama and Creative Visions.

Zoë has lived and worked with the Achuar, Shuar, Kichwa and Waorani peoples in the Ecuadorian Amazon and Andes since 2006. Acting as a cultural liaison between indigenous and Western leaders, she has supported education, health and economic capacity building projects, advocated for environmental and constitutional rights, and worked closely with indigenous partners on the case against Chevron in the Ecuadorian Amazon – the largest environmental lawsuit in history.

Zoë speaks to audiences around the world to raise awareness about indigenous knowledge, cultures and traditional practices, and the interconnected issues of environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. She regularly leads Amazon adventures, Shamanic journeys and guides journalists, filmmakers, celebrities and civil society leaders through areas that have been devastated by drilling and contamination. Zoe is currently working on her memoir, The Jungle Within, as well as a new TV series, bringing to screen her own experiences, indigenous wisdoms, and encouraging others to be one of the tribe. A global nomad, Zoe currently lives between Ecuador and the US.

Maria Isabel Endara

Maria Isabel Endara is an ecotourism expert and conservation enthusiast with over 16 years of experience in the Amazon.

She is the owner and manager of Trek Ecuador, a tour operator that since 2005 offers unique experiencial adventures in the Achuar territory, the last large tract of primary Amazon rainforest in Ecuador.

She lived in the Galapagos Islands for 4 years and she can offer a personalized nature journeys around this enchanted paradise.

Richie, or "The Breath Guy

Richie, or "The Breath Guy", is a leading figure and evangelist for Breathwork, the next revolution in health and wellness. He is a Breathwork facilitator, author and speaker and it is his mission to spread the life changing possibilities of Breathwork to the world.

Having worn many hats, from a corporate management consultant to digital entrepreneur, Richie eventually discovered Breathwork which was a catalyst for a life changing journey that completely shifted his own life and beliefs on the potential of human beings. Richie spent years traveling across five continents learning from many of the modern day masters of Breathwork and continuously witnessed the transformative effects of when people became aware of their breathing and started to use it as a tool to create physical, mental and emotional benefits. Richie now permanently travels across the world to teach and has taught tens of thousands of people in his workshops, retreats and online events.

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